Okinawa Sweet Potato Taro Mash with Fig Layer Cake Roll
The texture of the rolled egg is soft and dense, and the taro paste in the middle has a smooth taste!
The overall appearance is not too sweet, the appearance is beautiful, it would be perfect to take a photo with!

Steamed Pork Rhapsody with Fried Steamed Bun
The fried buns are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, sandwiching a piece of pork belly and the glutinous rice!
Although there is a big old fat paste, it will not be too greasy when it is eaten.
The overall taste is just like glutinous rice with preserved meat. It is a good fusion, and delicious.

Salted crispy chicken with Indian chutney, portion is enough, the fried chicken is juicy, the skin is so crispy, I will feel its tender inside, if you feel it dry, you can add the chutney, so yummy!